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"Why I’m Saying NO To Aadhaar” - Join the Campaign, Sign the online petition

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Why this is important

Aadhar violates our Constitutional rights and freedoms as citizens.
Aadhar undermines the foundations of our democracy. Aadhar disempowers us as citizens while giving government the means to control every aspect of our lives.

We are being forced and coerced to close our eyes to these concerns and sign up with Aadhar. The government is ignoring and violating the orders of the Supreme Court to declare Aadhar mandatory for all kinds of activities, hoping to present it as a fait accompli when the Supreme Court hears the Aadhar petitions in a few weeks.

The mess created by Aadhaar is NOT a matter of poor implementation or “teething troubles” as claimed by the government.

Aadhaar cannot be fixed with some tweaking and tinkering. It is fundamentally flawed and must be scrapped.

We are no longer willing to stand by and let this scam go unchallenged. We demand that the Aadhar scheme be completely SCRAPPED. 

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In Support of Greenpeace - Press Conference
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