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Stop Kolkata evictions in the name of World Cup football - INSAF

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Stop Kolkata evictions in the name of World Cup football

For FIFA under-17 world cup, the poor around the Vivekananda Yuva-Bharati Krirangan at Kolkata, West Bengal - where a total of 10 matches will be played, including the Final between 8 and 28 of October 2017 – are being violently thrown out to accommodate this spectacle.
A huge number of street vendors and hawkers, temporary hutment dwellers and other marginal wage-earners are evicted to "beautify" a vast area around the said stadium. A ruthless demolition of informal settlements and street vendors in the city is being carried out without rehabilitation leading to the extensive displacement of individuals and communities from their homes and habitats. These operations are being conducted by the government through two local municipal bodies namely, Kolkata municipal corporations and Bidhannagar municipal corporations.
The poor and the marginalised of the area are left homeless and destitute, without means of earning livelihood. Since there is no resettlement, people are forced to spend nights under open skies. Consequently it's associated with physical and psychological injuries to those affected with specific impacts on women, children, persons already living in extreme poverty, indigenous peoples, religious minorities and other disadvantaged groups. The number of people getting evicted has already risen up to 100,000, amongst majorities are slum dwellers and street vendors. These expulsions clearly constitute gross human rights violations with dramatically increased rate of magnitudes.
This eviction is also a violation of Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014 passed in the Indian parliament to protect the livelihood of millions of street vendors and hawkers across the country and various international conventions like CEDAW, ECOSEC, etc. which clearly rules out any eviction.
Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) stands in solidarity with fraternal organisations like National Hawkers Federation resisting evictions. INSAF calls upon all progressive forces to join in condemning this inhuman act and support the National Hawkers Federation and other organisations struggling to resist evictions.

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