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National Convention of People's Struggles in defence of democracy, to protect land, water, forest and livelihoods (November 29-30, Dhinkia, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha)

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National Convention of People's Struggles 
in defence of democracy, to protect land, water, forest and livelihoods
November 29-30, Dhinkia, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha

People's movements defending land, water, environment, livelihood, and democratic rights are coming together to organise a national convention in defense of democracy next month in Odisha, in the context of burgeoning onslaughts under the new government.
The new government at the centre has made it amply clear that it is going to pursue the pro-corporate and anti-people policies of the previous dispensation with much more vigor, coercion, and rapid pace.
The reality of 'achchhe din' stands exposed and the people's aspiration for better life has been channelised to nefarious communal polarisation.
In its very first quarter, the new government has shown its true intentions: allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) not only in multi-brand retail but also in the defense sector; amending the existing labor laws to suit the industry; diluting environmental laws to turn clearances into mere formalities; and
even to amend the much flawed Land Acquisition Act brought by the previous regime in order to do away with the minimum relief it provided to the people.
The new PM and his government’s silence on the communal riots and the attempts made its political affiliates to vitiate the communal environment in the run up to the recent by-polls has surpassed the famous silence of Manmohan Singh government on corruption. Communal groups, including elected
party officials are making inflammatory statements and stoking communal tensions. The communal Hindutva agenda, together with all that underlies it, is rapidly permeating the very air we breathe.
Both these threats of corporate loot of natural resources as well as communalism are greatly undermining our democracy. Resistances by people and movements against the economic offensive will be met by an aggressive repressive regime as well as by extra-constitutional violent outfits supporting the regime. Even the judiciary will be weakened through various means and the corporate-controlled media will turn a blind eye.
Such an ordeal before the people's movement has very few precedents in recent history. It is in this context, that the people’s movements and democratic groups have decided to call for a national convention during 29-30 November 2014 in Dhinkia village of Jagatsinghpur, Odisha to discuss the challenges and the way ahead.

Day -1 November 29, 2014
• Presentation by people's struggles
◦ existing situation
◦ way forward
• Formation of drafting committee
Day 2 November 30, 2014
Discussion on the draft of declaration
Discussion on follow up – future programmes
We request you to kindly ensure your participation in this national convention and extend your
solidarity. Please send us your confirmation on
How to reach Dhinkia
- Participants coming from other states will have to de-board at Cuttack station.
- From Cuttack station they’ll have to take a train towards Paradip and de-board at Badbandh. (Trains
from Cuttack leave at 7:40, 11:00, 15:00, 19:00 everyday)
- The organisers have arranged for road transport from Badbandh to Dhinkia. For any further enquiry
kindly contact Prashant Pakra on mobile no.- 09437571547.
- Kindly note that transport has to be arranged by the participants themselves. The organiser friends will provide for lodging and food in Dhinkia.
Local contact persons-
Kalyan Anand (0943836237),Narendra Mohanty (09437426647), Mamta Patra,(09437283283), Nishikant Mahapatra (09861117243), Lingaraj Azad (09437702358), Prashant Paikray(09437571547)
Kalahandi Sachetan Nagrik Manch, Odisha; Niyamgiri Surksha Samiti, Odisha; Odisha Soochana Adhikar Manch, Odisha; Janamukti Sangharsh Vahini , Odisha; Jatadhar Bachao Andolan, Odisha; Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Odisha; Odisha Asangthit Sharamik Sangh, Odisha; Adivasi Dalit Vikas Samiti, Odisha; Nabarangpur Nagrik Manch; Odisha; POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti, Odisha; Lok Sakti Abhiyan, Odisha; Kaling Nagar Visthapan Virodhi Jan Andolan, Odisha; Paschim Odisha Krushaka Sangathan , Odisha; Zindabad Sangathan, Odisha; Lower Suktel Vudi Anchal Sangram Parishad, Odisha; Sahahra Powar Plant Birodhi Manch, Odisha; Lower Indra Visthapit Sahayata
Samiti, Odisha; Santha Bhima Bhoi Krushaka Sangharsh Samiti, Odisha; Pira Jaharian Bhitta Mati Suraksha Manch, Odisha; Ambedkar Dalit Adhikar Manch, Odisha; Lower Suktel Nagrik Mangh, Odisha; Singhbum Gao Ganrajya Parishad, Jharkhand; Koyal Karo Jansangthan, Jharkhand; DastakManch, Jharkhand; Spanj Iron Factory Virodhi Andolan, Jharkhand; Jharkhand Ulgulan Manch,
Jharkhand; Jharkhand Asangthit Mazdoor Morcha, Jharkhand; Ghar Adhikar Sangharsh Morcha, Jharkhand; Visthapan Virodhi Ekta Manch, Jharkhand; Abhiyan, Jharkhand; Adivasi Moolvasi Astitva Raksha Manch, Jharkhand; Mittal Virodhi Andolan, Jharkhand; Bhushan Virodhi Andolan, Jharkhand;
Damodar Bachao Abhiyan, Jharkhand; Poorvi Kolahan Visthapit Sangh, Jharkhand; Kolahan Adivasi Swashasan Samiti, Jharkhand; Jharkhand Mukti Wahini, Jharkhand; Icha Khadkai Bandh Virodhi Sangh, Jharkhand; Khutkati Reyti Bhoomi Surksha Sangarsh Samiti, Jharkhand; Zameen Bachao
Andolan, Jharkhand; Anti Jindal-Bhushan-Mittal movement, Jharkhand; People’s struggle against nuclear Mining, Jadugoda, Jharkhand; Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha, Chhattisgarh; Adivasi Mahila Mahasangh, Chhattisgarh; Nadi Ghati Morcha, Chhattisgarh; Baiga Mahapanchayat, Chhattisgarh; Chhattisgarh Dalit Mukti Morcha, Chhattisgarh; Jurmil Morcha, Chhattisgarh; Chhattisgarh Mahila
Manch, Chhattisgarh; Jan Adharit Sleeper Mazdoor Union, Chhattisgarh; Adivasi Mazdoor Kisan Ekta Sangthan, Chhattisgarh; Raigarh Sangharsh Morcha, Chhattisgarh; Anti Displacement Movement, Chhattisgarh; NAPM, Delhi; All India Union of Forest working People, Delhi; National Adivasi Alliance, Karnataka; NTUI, Delhi; INSAF, Delhi; PUCL, Delhi; National Hawker Federation, West Bengal; MMP, Delhi; PUDR, Delhi; SAHELI, Delhi; HRLN, Delhi; NFDLRM, Delhi; Kisan Sangarsh Samiti, Madhya Pradesh; National Fishworkers’ Forum, Kerala; PSA, Delhi; PMANE, Tamil Nadu; National Alliance for Women Organisation, Delhi; Delhi Sharmik Sangathan, Delhi; Centre for Policy Analysis, Delhi; Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association, Delhi; Delhi Union of Journalist, Delhi; ANHAD, Delhi; Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), Delhi; Azadi Bachao Andolan, Janadhikar Sangharsh Samiti, Delhi; Jan Sangharsh Samnvy Samiti, Delhi; Andhra, Kovvada, AP; Sahadevan K, Kerala,Payal Cooperative Society, Maharashtra, Anchalika Vikas Parisad, Odisha, Manavikata Kala Seva Sanhati, Odisha, Shramjivi Sangathana, Maharashtra, V.T.M.S., Tamilnadu, Hum Kisan, Rajasthan, Visthapit Mukti Vahini, Jharkhand, Mazdoor Kisan Samiti, Bihar, Shoshit Kamgar Sangathana, Marathwada, Maharashtra, NOBIN, Odisha Ghosikhurd Prakalpgrast -Sangarsh Samiti, Maharashtra, Nava Jeevan Organisation, Andhra Pradesh. Adim Adivasi Mukti Manch, Odisha, ‘MASS’ , Andhra Pradesh, Lok Shiksha Sangthan, Rajasthan MATI, Uttarakhand, Satark Nagrik Sangathan, New Delhi, Jashpur Jan Vikas Sanstha, Chhattisgarh Bundelkhand Kissan Mazdoor Shakti Sangathan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan, Chhattisgarh, Dalit Adivashi Manch, Chhattisgarh, Patthar Khadan Mazdoor Sangh, Madhya Pradesh People’s Foundation, New Delhi, Lokadhikar Sangathan, New Delhi, Krishi Bhoomi Bachao Morcha,UP, Cement Plant Virodhi Aandolan, Nawalgarh, Rajasthan, Rajasthan Nirman Mazdoor Sangathan, Rajasthan, Parmanu Virodhi Morcha, Haryana,DMIC Virodhi Morcha, Rajasthan, Nirman Mazdoor Panchayat, UP, SEZ Virodhi Sangharsh Samiti, UP, Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Bihar, Gaon Bachao Aandolan, UP, Chhatisgarh Mahila Mukti Manch, Chhatisgarh, Matrubhoomi Raksha Sangharsh Samiti, Himachal Pradesh, Punarvas Kisan Kalyan Sahayta Samiti, UP, Parmanu Pradushan Sangharsh Samiti, Rajasthan, Rajasthan Adivasi Adhikar Manch, Rajasthan, Himalaya Niti Abhiyan, Himachal Pradesh, Bhakhra Visthapit Sudhar Samiti, Himachal, Renuka Bandh Jan Sangharsh Samiti, Himachal Pradesh, Bihan, UP, Lakshmi Prasad Suraksha Samiti, Odisha, Mazdoor Karyakarta Samiti, Chhatisgarh, Chutka Parmanu Oorja Virodhi Aandolan, Madhya Pradesh, Mithi Virdi Anu Oorja Virodhi Aandolan, Gujarat, Konkan Vinashkari Prakalp Virodhi Samiti, Maharashtra.

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