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March Against GMOs / GMO Vidai Diwas -in Delhi, Jantar Mantar on August 8th 2013, on the eve of Quit India Day

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This concerns us all as its about our food, farming and freedom!

So Calling All who believe safe, poison free food is their and everyone else's (birth)right !
To stop a new, irreversible assault on our food and environment in the form of GM (Genetically Modified) crops and food. As if dangerous pesticides, chemical fertilizers and hormones in our food and farming aren't bad enough! Instead of acting to remove these and promote ecological farming our Govt has introduced a dangerous and highly flawed Bill (the BRAI bill) in Parliament to promote GM crops and foods through a single-window clearance method. Without any per-legistlative consultations..

Come Join Hands with India for Safe Food movement. In Delhi, Jantar Mantar on August 8th 2013, on the eve of Quit India Day to send out a call to the Indian government to throw out GMOs, Monsanto and the BRAI (Bio-technology Regulatory Authority of India) Bill. Our elected representatives need to hear loud and clear that we will neither tolerate unsafe Genetically Modified foods nor the global agri-corporate domination of our food and agriculture.
People from over 17 Indian states and various walks of life are coming to Delhi for this. Can we have Delhi stirring ecologically and cooperatively with the rest of India. Complacency now can be costlier than we can imagine. 

So this call and invitation to a democratic non-violent celebratory protest.. One Great way to do this with sharing and expressing our natural (seeds, plants.... ) and cultural (attire, music....) diversity creatively. As this is very much about protecting and celebrating diversity and our bio-cultural heritage too..

(-: Yourself :-) and friends, family......:-)
Posters, banners and flags to express your feelings abt safe foods ecological farming... and opposition GMOs and support of the above demands. Hand made ones are even better.. Songs, instruments and street theatre and any other appropriate (but non-violent) ways you can think of :-) If your group or organisation supports the demands of this march, we are okay with small banners, poster with name.. But let your posters express the theme-demands of the day..

Its a full day event. From around 10.30-11 onwards. Come for as long as you can.. as the issue deserves your support and time. Or when you can. Will post more on timings and you can write in here with queries..

As this is a voluntary effort, we appreciate all contributions in terms of time/resources or funds. And it will take us all to stop this dangerous nonsense!


Dangerous GMO technology is not needed in our country which already has a surplus of food grains. Why then do we need the BRAI to aid the approval of these food crops? BRAI is an unwanted and flawed piece of legislation. It proposes a single window, fast track approval mechanism for GMO cultivation and commercialization.

This hazardous technology has been rejected in an overwhelming number of countries in the world, given its documented adverse impacts on human health, environment and sustainability of farm livelihoods and farming.

This Bill could mean an end to safe food choices for us all, farmers and consumers if its not stopped. This is about our Food, Farmers and our Freedom. Remember how citizen action threw out the unwanted and unsafe Bt brinjal in 2009-2010? Let's do it again!

If we as a nation want to protect our food sovereignty, retain control on what we grow and what we eat, this is the time for us to act decisively and cohesively.
The Coalition for a GM-Free India, a broad inclusive platform that has been instrumental in creating scientific informed public debates on the issue of GMOs in India for decisive action by citizens and for promotion of lasting solutions, encourages you to come prepared to express your non-violent democratic dissent in a celebratory fashion – let us exhibit the strength of our diversity and synergy.

The safety of our food is dependent on farmers and farming. Since 1995, over 2.8 million farmers have been forced into committing suicide due to the distress caused by the agricultural policies. Indian agriculture does not need subsidies to fund chemical agriculture. It needs a shift of policies to sustainable, ecological, low external input, safe agriculture.

Here's a Link to a Petition by Nandita Das to withdraw the dangerous BRAI bill that you can sign...

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