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PeaceCounts ToT - Eastern India ==POSTPONED==

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 July 1-5 in YMCA (Kolkata)
The media show us every day how to make war. But how do we make peace? The search for answers has led reporters sponsored by the Peace Counts Foundation in Germany into 30 conflict zones to take a closer look at the work of successful peacebuilders. Their achievements teach us how to overcome the barriers between people.

The documentations have been spread in multimedia ways in the past three years to reach the broad public throughout Europe: print media, broadcasting, internet, forum events, photo exhibitions, a book and educational material for schools.

In the years to come, Peace Counts brings the stories back to the conflict zones. A photo-exhibit shows a best of-selection. The Institute for Peace Education now known as Berghof Foundation / Peace Education (Tübingen, Germany) has developed workshops which offer teachers, journalists, politicians and mediators a deeper understanding of motivations and methods of these peacebuilders.

Peace Counts attempts with local partners in different countries to implement workshops, exhibit and opening event.

A ToT on the exhibition "Peace Counts" by  the Berghof Foundation / Peace Education (Germany) deals with the issue of conflict resolution and peace work. After a successful introduction of the exhibition in Germany and other places it has been done in Delhi, Imphal, Mumbai, Gujarat, Kerala and Kashmir. It is planned to tour the exhibition at various places in India.

Closely linked to the exhibition, various regional workshops are planned to be conducted focusing on increased knowledge about conflict resolution, peace work, strategies to overcome violence and methods to work with local groups who are facing violence/conflict etc.

The ToT modules cover the following topics:
1. The Basic Principals of Peace Education

2. Conflict Escalation and De-escalation
3. Violence Prevention Methods
4. Methods of Peace Education: An Introduction and Practical Examples
5. Peace Education in Conflict and Crisis Regions

6. Peace Counts: How to be a Peacebuilder

The next tour will include a ToT training workshop from July 1-5 in YMCA (Kolkata) for participants from Eastern India. This ToT training aims at capacitating youth multiplicators who can later conduct the regional workshops.The ToT workshop and exhibition will be jointly coordinated by INSAF and resource persons from the Berghof Foundation / Peace Education. 

To participate, contact: 

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